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Soraya Yvette lives on the Gold Coast and attends The River Church. She writes Christ centred stories for the younger generation and is the author of three published books for tweens and teens, titled, ‘Water Bomb Fight’, ‘Swooped’ and ‘Moon You Are Unique.’ Whether a Christian or not, young people can easily relate with the characters of this authentic ‘Aussie Family’ and personally identify with brothers, ‘Matt and Tim Rielly’ whilst possibly squirming at the embarrassing situations that the boys consistently find themselves involved in, both at home and at school.

With her cool style of writing and clever use of language, these books are unique and will engage the young reader in hours of fun filled enjoyment as they follow the unpredictable twists and turns of events that flow throughout the stories. All her books contain the Gospel Message, a Prayer of Salvation, The Love of Father God, Prayer, Forgiveness and Spiritual Warfare which she so skillfully expresses throughout the text, using examples of daily life situations to equip tweens and teens in the use of the ‘Word of God’ and teaching them how to live and apply Christ in their everyday lives and experiences. Her purpose is to change the face of literature offered to the younger generation and to bring them into an awareness of a personal relationship with Father God. Her intent is to offer a choice of colourful, awesome and unique adventure stories full of Life, Love and Truth in exchange for the darkness and occult which is prevalent today in many books available to our younger generation. Her books demonstrate how kids talk, think, behave and simply have fun with their siblings, parents and neighbourhood friends and it also illustrates the importance and the value of Christ as the ‘Way’ and answer to our everyday life situations, even within the plotting and planning of a ‘Water Bomb Fight’ to being ‘Swooped’ off a bicycle by an overgrown Magpie nick named, ‘Magzilla’.

All books are in eBook form and are Print on Demand.


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Also a  concordance of Biblical Scriptures that correspond with the book “Water Bomb Fight” is available for free to download here

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Latest Books

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In her latest book ‘SWOOPED,’ brothers Matt and Tim Riley are back again and this time sharing embarrassing school experiences and taking us on another fun filled adventure when their parents surprise them by transforming their barren, boring backyard, into a ‘Tropical Paradise,’ by putting in a brand new huge swimming pool and water slide, which is surrounded by luscious trees that attract the local native wildlife including an oversized angry faced Magpie nicknamed, ‘Magzilla’ that continually attacks the boys and eventually swoops Matt of his birthday bicycle.

Leading the young reader into chapters on ‘Spiritual Warfare’ but follows up by teaching in continuing chapters, ‘Biblical Forgiveness’ so the tweens and teens know to keep their hearts tender by focusing on the Love of God which releases their hearts from the hate and anger that was trying to take hold.

‘Swooped’ also has three chapters on ‘Who we are in Jesus as opposed to who we were in the world’ and a prayer of Salvation.

‘MOON YOU ARE UNIQUE’ opens with a dialogue in the night sky between ‘Moon’ and his best friend ‘Wise Star’ which reveals to Moon that his  disconnection from Father God kept him from seeing his true identity in Christ, however he discovers the emptiness and longing in his heart for something that could not be found in this world was a void in his heart that only the Holy Spirit can fill which lead Moon to inquire and reconnect to his Creator, Father God through Jesus.

The six chapters of ‘Moon You Are Unique’ reveals ‘Our Identity in Christ’ and explains from the Beginning of Creation, the Fall of Humankind in the Garden of Eden, the Need for a Saviour,  the Finished Works of the Cross and who they are in Him.

This visually told story, written for tweens and teens has Bible Scriptures intricately woven within the text and leads the young reader out of the world system belonging to the Kingdom of Darkness and into a close relationship with Father God and into the Kingdom of the Son of His Love.

In her first book ‘Water Bomb Fight,’ Soraya Yvette weaves three chapters on Salvation into the story line about four boys who strategically, pre planned a well orchestrated water fight attack on their unsuspecting, four female friends who had innocently accepted an invite for a lunch and an afternoon of fun.

The story twists and turns and although you will never guess the ending, the young readers will enjoy learning how to incorporate Christ in everything they do including a water fight.

This book contains text on Brotherly Love, Prayer with Father God and praying for their injured friend, Honouring Parents, Obedience, Father God’s Love for us and explores themes on sharing, teamwork, leadership and embracing the differences between boys and girls. It’s a fun story!