About Soraya

Soraya Yvette lives on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia. She is the mother of two adult sons. She studied Ministry and Theology both in Canberra and on the Gold Coast and trained for one year as a Chaplain which lead to working for five years as a Hospital Chaplain. She taught Christianity in the State Schools for 7 years and served in the Churches for eight years as a Lead Teacher in Pre School and Children’s Ministry and she holds a Diploma in Youth Work and she is at present studying a Diploma of Early Childhood Education.

Soraya loves to run distance and swim daily but most of all she loves writing Christian stories for the younger generations.

Her first tween/teens book, ‘Water Bomb Fight’ was published in February, 2013 by Creation House and now she releases her next two books, ‘Swooped’ and ‘Moon You Are Unique,’ which are published by Xulon in eBook form and are ‘Print On Demand.’

‘Swooped’ and ‘Water Bomb Fight’ have the same characters and are fun filled, unpredictable, strategic, outdoor Aussie and Christian themed adventure stories. ‘Moon You Are Unique’ begins with a dialogue between characters ‘Moon’ and ‘Star’ in which Moon discovers the void in his heart is spiritual and can only be filled by the Holy Spirit and not by the things of the world.

Soraya hopes to bring change to Tweens and Teens Literature. She adds freshness, colour and light through her stories with the objective to turn young eyes and hearts towards the Lord, moving them away from the enticing trend of darkness in current movies, TV shows and books that are available to the younger generations.

She has written a corresponding Biblical Concordance which is a free download from her website sorayayvette.com which flows Chapter by Chapter with ‘Water Bomb Fight’ and soon will release the corresponding Genesis to Revelation Concordances for ‘Swooped’ and ‘Moon You Are Unique.’




“In Water Bomb Fight I write about my real life sons, Matt and Tim and the things they got up to, accompanied by their friends whose names I have changed. All the characters were real with the exception of Johnno and Becs. Matt and Tim’s true-to-life dogs, Napoleon (Nappy), Pika and Spot along with Tweety the bad tempered budgie all feature in the story which is set at the location of our previous family home in Gold Coast suburbia.

The narrator, Sophie is fictional and hopefully I am not as vain as Mrs Riley in the story, however she and I both love our sons, Father God, praise and worship, ice coffee and chocolate mud cake.

Years ago, early one morning after one of Matt and Tim’s famous water bomb fights, I went outside and saw what looked like confetti sprinkled all over the front lawn but on closer inspection I realized it was hundreds of pieces of broken balloons. Beside my first thoughts of “Oh, those lazy kids”, which is also in the book, I noticed the battle had largely taken place where the team that appeared to be the weakest was stationed. This team of girls who at every step were out smarted and over powered by the well planned, strategic boys team, hadn’t wanted to fight however want it or not the battle came to their doorstep. Throwing water bombs for fun was off the agenda. Surrender or fight was the only options presented to the girls and fight they did. They utilized all the resources available to them, changed their mindset, decided to look past defensive techniques and focus on victory, and reentered the game with the attitude they were now confidently battling to win. And win they did.

Later, one day in Brisbane, I sat in a park and wrote, ‘Water Bomb Fight’ from watching the interaction and I also wrote
‘Swooped.’ Both stories took approximately one hour each to write. Over the years I extended both stories individually from three pages each to roughly 32,000 words per book, however from beginning to end they are very much still the same story.

My Hope

I hope you laugh and giggle as you follow a day in the life of Matt and Tim’s childhood. It is also my hope that you relate to these characters and take note how in their every day life in their every day activities, friendships and family dynamics they live Biblical principles and bring alive scripture in their talk, behaviour and mindset as they reveal their human side and mirror the love of God in their dealings toward each other.

Water Bomb Fight allows the reader to go on a journey, one that makes you laugh, gives you an understanding about your friendships and how to interact with one another, gives you a better understanding of Christianity, the Word, and brings you closer to the Lord. It also addresses behavior, dialogue between friends, the difference in play between boys and girls and how they deal with pressure. It demonstrates teamwork, fun and challenges, conflict resolution with lots of fun and over active imaginations. The characters are very real and easy to relate to. The story is easy to follow and if this story introduces you to a life time of love and a deep and personal relationship with Father God through Jesus and expresses how to live a value and moral life in today’s society in an age appropriate story then I will have done what I set out to do.

I know that my book will reach parts of this earth my feet may never go to.

Thank you,

Soraya Yvette