Moon You Are Unique

MOON YOU ARE UNIQUE opens with a narrative in the night sky between close friends, ‘Moon’ who wants to be the Sun and ‘Wise Star’ who leads Moon to the understanding that only the Holy Spirit can fill the void in his heart, which gives way to three chapters explaining with simplicity, the Beginning of Creation, the fall of humankind in the Garden of Eden, the need for a Saviour and the Finished Works of the Cross, identifying through Jesus we move out of the Kingdom of Darkness and the world system belonging to it and into a close relationship with Father God placed into the Kingdom of the Son of His Love. This is well written digestible ‘Puree Meat’ for the younger generations.


In her latest book ‘SWOOPED,’ brothers Matt and Tim Riley are back taking us on fun filled embarrassing experiences at school, walking the dogs and with the neighbourhood kids when their parents transform their boring backyard into ‘Tropical Paradise’ with luscious trees set around a waterslide and swimming pool which attracts native wildlife including an oversized angry faced magpie nicknamed ‘Magzilla’ that swoops Matt off his birthday bicycle which brings the young reader into chapters on ‘Spiritual Warfare’, ‘Forgiveness,’ (being released from hate and anger) and on ‘Who we aren’t in this world but who we are in Christ.’

Water Bomb Fight

In her first book ‘Water Bomb Fight,’ Soraya Yvette weaves three chapters on Salvation into the storyline of four boys who strategically, pre planned a well orchestrated water fight attack on their unsuspecting, four lovely female friends who had innocently accepted an invite for a lunch and an afternoon of fun. The story twists and turns and you will never guess the ending.