Moon You Are Unique

opens with a dialogue in the night sky between ‘Moon’ and his best friend ‘Wise Star’ which reveals to Moon that his  disconnection from Father God kept him from seeing his true identity in Christ, however he discovers the emptiness and longing in his heart for something that could not be found in this world was a void in his heart that only the Holy Spirit can fill which lead Moon to inquire and reconnect to his Creator, Father God through Jesus.

The six chapters of ‘Moon You Are Unique’ reveals ‘Our Identity in Christ’ and explains from the Beginning of Creation, the Fall of Humankind in the Garden of Eden, the Need for a Saviour,  the Finished Works of the Cross and who they are in Him.
This visually told story, written for tweens and teens has Bible Scriptures intricately woven within the text and leads the young reader out of the world system belonging to the Kingdom of Darkness and into a close relationship with Father God and into the Kingdom of the Son of His Love.

“It is my great pleasure to recommend ‘Moon You Are Unique’ by Soraya Yvette to you. Soraya writes with a great passion for Christian children and youth to know their identity in Christ. This book is a great tool which communicates in a way in which youngsters can relate. Well done Soraya and thank you for making this valuable resource available to the body of Christ”.

Pastor Ken Legg

Pastor, New Beginnings Christian Church

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