Water Bomb Fight is a very different, outdoor, fun, adventurous unpredictable children’s story filled with many twists and laughter. It contains Christian and Aussie themes throughout with an incredibly personal and detailed insight into how children and teens think, talk, behave and react. It introduces the main characters, brothers Matt and Tim Riley, their parents, friends and pets.

The Narrator, Sophie, is a War Correspondent on holidays in Australia visiting with her sister and brother in law and their two sons Matt and Tim Riley. The story begins on Saturday night where she is intrigued with the degree of planning and strategies that are taking place by her two nephews in preparation for their Water Bomb Fight to be held at their home the next day after Church.

The story demonstrates real play and how the children apply and incorporate the Word of God into every day life ranging from their experiences, conversations, natures and behaviors. It also displays differences between boys and girls including their senses of humor and imaginations. The story has many hidden and obvious messages and is heaps of fun for all generations.
It introduces Australian themes such as native trees and native birds. The Aussie Summer and outdoor B.B.Q  are experienced and one of the boys’ friends even adds a patriotic touch by wearing green and gold zinc on his face.

The many messages in this book range across multiple themes, from Salvation to being aware of the words we speak. Brotherly love is a consistent theme through this story even though the boys are on opposing teams. The message “to love one another as I have loved you” is beautifully acted upon by Tim when he leaves his camp to go to the rescue of his brother.  An act of responsible concern, love and care for pets is also demonstrated.
You witness the differences in how each child copes under the same pressures. A strong  quality message which will benefit all who read would be, “to be real in who you are in God, to have fun, understand each other’s differences and to Love God.”

This story teaches kids without even knowing they’re being taught, how to keep God central in their lives at home at school and at play. It demonstrates creating an environment for life for a child so when they are old they will not depart from it.


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