Kids and Teens

Hi everyone. I hope you enjoy reading about Matt and Tim and their true to life Water Bomb Fights. If your used to having summer water bomb fights or water fights in the pool or with the hose than you’d know how much fun they can be. Growing up on the Gold Coast, Matt and Tim used to have Water Bomb Fights all the time during the holidays and on the weekends. I guess here in Queensland, Australia we have the long hot summers so we tend to spend a lot of time outdoor in the water and making up our own games and fun as we go.

It was not unusual for Matt and Tim to invite a load of kids and friends over on the weekend, break up into two groups and take off scheming, plotting and planning before they commence the water battle.

Years ago when Tim was in Grade 5, he, Matt and some of their friends waited on the roof of our house with a bucket load of water bomb supplies, with the intention to target their friends along with the mums and dads as they arrived as guests to Tim’s Birthday Party. I became aware of this when I heard one of the mums screaming. I came running out only to see Matt and Tim water bombing her as she stood with wet hair, running makeup and a soaked dress. I was shocked when I saw her standing their and Matt and Tim laughing. Before I could apologize and tell the boys to come down from the roof, the mum of the girls, met the boys challenge, by running over to the hose and racing back with it on full blast, hosing the boys and enjoying every moment, laughing as she watched them scatter. They climbed down the other side of the house, thankfully came to their senses and walked around to apologize to her, however things didn’t go that way, them mum continued the water battle and so did Matt and Tim and all the other new arrivals. I ran inside behind the glass door thinking everyone momentarily lost their minds and watched on in disbelief.

I do not encourage you to ever go and do what the boys did. Any one doing something even slightly like that should only do so with the permission of their parents or carers. I still can’t believe they did that, however if you want to read about other things they got up to, it’s all in Water Bomb Fight by Soraya Yvette. Matt and Tim are in their twenty’s now but back then we had such fun times. The boys gave me lots to laugh at and heaps to write about, so I hope you have lots of fun reading about these two Aussie brothers and their friends in their real life water bomb fight battles.

Soraya Yvette.