Letter to Parents & Guardians

As a parent of my two sons, our home stay sons and children entrusted to me to teach through the Churches, I took account of what kids were watching in regards to their movies, television shows, books, film clips and magazines. There are not many other choices other than the worldly influences offered to our children.
Most parents would like to believe that their children are established in the Lord and gauge this by Church attendance or a child parroting a Bible Scripture, however I personally have found that many children do not have an understanding of what the Gospel message is, Salvation, how to walk with the Spirit, How to be led by the Spirit or how to live and apply the Scriptures in purpose and relation to the circumstances and their every day lives.

Watching first hand, my sons and other children developing from kids into teens, I paid close attention to society’s attitude and the double messages given to them by their families and pier groups. Alcohol, smoking, sexual promiscuity, etc, things that the Word tells us to keep ourselves separate from and what parents and teachers deem unfit and inappropriate and protect our children from, suddenly with the turning of one’s age, would now become acceptable to expose them to. Worldly mentality appears too often to over ride Covenant mindset. More and more I realized the importance, responsibility and accountability we have to our children to teach them of the Lord and ensure that they have a good understanding of His Will for them as they live their lives so they run to Father God and move away from this shallow, enticing world we live in.


The Bible states in Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” In other words we are to create an environment for life for a child and when he or she is old they will not depart from it. Training a child in the Word of God incorporates everything about us and our surroundings including what we watch, who we associate with, our friends, what we say, how we behave and interact.

We have the opportunity to teach our children of the Lord rather than waiting for them to become teenagers with no spiritual roots,out of relationship with Father God and then trying to reach and teach them after the world’s ways have been grounded into them. Jesus Himself said to let the children come to Him. He was not going to allow for the children to be turned away. He gave us this picture in our hearts and minds of the importance to keep the children close and in relationship with us as parents and with Him as their Father God. He never turned them off or away and we shouldn’t either. It is necessary for great value to be placed on bringing our children up in the Way, through Jesus to the Father by the Holy Spirit.

Water Bomb Fight is a fun story, however throughout the story the characters are developing, interacting with much dialogue, speaking out their thoughts, problem solving and working out the issues in their hearts and acting upon them whilst enjoying their wild and wet water bomb fight. The Biblical Themes and scripture intricately woven throughout this fun story address: Salvation, Healing, Brotherly Love, Spiritual Warfare, Truth vs Lies, Behavior, Inward and outward Heart, Mindset, spoken words, Faithfulness, Relationship, Honoring Parents, Safety, Protection and His Love. There are many more themes and I am sure that teachers and parents will be able to use these topics and examples from the book as tools, training materials and as lessons.


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